This Dealership Code of Conduct ("Code") is a part of the Dealership Agreement ("Agreement") and Dealership Terms of Use ("Terms of Use") entered into by and between a Dealership and, L.L.C., a Florida limited liability company. Any initial capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Agreement and the Terms of Use. In the event of a conflict between this Code and the Agreement or Terms of Use, the Agreement and Terms of Use shall control.

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Rules and Regulations. 1

Pricing. 1

Vehicle Availability. 2

Test Drive Appointments. 2

Real Prices. 3

Permitted Practices. 3

Violations Policy. 3




Generally.  Dealerships must honor all Vehicle prices quoted in the Winning Bid, regardless of whether or not a User elects to purchase or lease a Vehicle. Failure to honor any quoted prices will be considered a material violation of this Code.


Cash Rebates. A User"s qualification for Cash Rebates lies with the Dealership and Vehicle manufacturer. Any Cash Rebates are User-qualified and not necessarily accurate; therefore, the obligation to ensure the accuracy of any Cash Rebates rests with Dealerships, at the time of purchase or lease of a Vehicle. The total User-qualified Cash Rebates will appear at final pricing based upon the total value of the Cash Rebates for which the User qualifies as well as the Trim selected by the Dealership for each model in the bidding process round.


Dealership Fees. Dealerships must disclose all Dealership Fees and other miscellaneous fees that will be charged to the User at the time of purchase or lease of a Vehicle. Dealerships may not increase Dealership Fees or other miscellaneous fees for any User. All applicable fees must apply to each User in the CarBucket. Dealerships may not offer Users one set of fees through the Website and another set of fees at the physical dealership.


Vehicle Availability


Generally. The Vehicle must be ready for the User at the time of the test drive. Dealerships must not quote Vehicles that cannot be procured within seventy-two (72) hours of the close of the bidding process.


Dealer trades; Vehicle Out-of-stock. If a Dealership needs to make a trade and/or the Dealership never had the Vehicle in stock, CarBuckets User can test drive another Vehicle with similar engine and trim package. When Dealerships quote prices on Vehicles they are going to obtain via a Dealer Trade, they must ensure that there is sufficient inventory at other local Dealerships. The final Vehicle in the color and in the trim at the price quoted to the CarBuckets buyer must be available to buyer for purchase within seventy-two (72) hours of the close of bidding process.  Inability to procure the Vehicle for the buyer at the quoted price within seventy-two (72) hours constitutes a violation of this Code. If Dealership sells Vehicle that was quoted to a CarBuckets User within the time between the end of the bidding process and the CarBuckets Test Drive, Dealership must make another Vehicle, of equal or better value, available to the User at or below the final price determined by the bidding process.  If Dealership does not have such Vehicle in stock, Dealership must execute a Dealer Trade and have the Vehicle available for purchase to User within seventy-two (72) hours


Colors. Dealership shall use their best efforts to honor a User"s color selection.  Prior to the bidding process, the User will select two (2) color options.  If Dealership no longer has one of the CarBuckets buyer"s two selected colors in inventory, Dealership shall select the color options that most closely resemble the User"s preference.  If Dealership does not have any similar color options available in its inventory, Dealership must undertake a Dealer Trade or refrain from bidding for that CarBucket.


Trims. If after assigning a Trim to a CarBuckets User, a Dealership no longer has a particular trim in stock, the Dealership must undertake a Dealer Trade to obtain the exact Trim in the User"s desired color. If unable, Dealership must provide User with an equal or better equipped Trim/model available in inventory at the same price Dealership quoted during the bidding process.


Best practices. We only feature models on our Site that have high inventory levels in each market. In order to ensure compliance with this Code, we advise Dealerships not to bid on Vehicles that they do not have in inventory or cannot obtain via Dealer Trade within the timeframe required by CarBuckets. 

Test Drive Appointments


Generally. Test Drive appointments will occur at the winning Dealership within the five (5) days following the close of the Second Bidding Round and Winning Bid Notice being sent to all Users in the CarBuckets. All CarBuckets Test Drives must be completed in under sixty (60) minutes.


Extension of appointment time. We understand that should the User opt to purchase a Vehicle, the appointment time will likely exceed sixty (60) minutes. Notwithstanding, Dealerships should keep a User"s time at the Dealership to a minimum.


Confirmation receipts. Dealerships must confirm all CarBuckets Test Drives that were completed.  If a Dealership refuses to give a User their Test Drive receipt, Dealership will be in violation of this Code.


Real Prices


Generally. All bids must be for real sales prices which Dealership shall legally honor. CarBuckets will not tolerate bidding using any false prices (e.g. $1.00). Any fake prices will be flagged by our system and counted as a violation against the Dealership.


Best practices. To avoid suspension or expulsion from our Service, Dealerships are expected to use all commercially reasonable, best sales practices.


Permitted Practices


Switching and Upgrading. Dealerships may sell a CarBuckets User another Vehicle " whether it is a higher Trim level or separate model, or even a used car" without being in violation of this Code. If a switch occurs because the User desired an upgrade or another make, model and/or Trim, rather than because the Vehicle quoted at the time of bidding process was not available, the Dealership need not honor pricing details inputted for that User at the time of the CarBuckets bidding process.


Additional Accessories. Dealerships are allowed to sell additional accessories on a Vehicle at the time of the CarBuckets Test Drive, provided that Dealerships promptly and accurately describe such Additional Accessories and obtain the User"s informed consent that such Additional Accessories will increase the Final Price of the Vehicle.


Cash Rebates. If the actual Cash Rebates available for a User differ from what the User originally selected, Dealerships will not be penalized.  There are many reasons why this could occur and CarBuckets will not fault the Dealership for its inability to provide a Cash Rebate to a User. 


Violations Policy


First Offense. A written warning will be given for a first-time violation of this Code. The warning may be appealed by contacting CarBuckets, in writing.


Second Offense. A second violation of this Code will result in suspension from our platform for three (3) months. When suspended from the CarBucket"s platform, Dealerships will be banned from using the platform but must continue paying all fees due to CarBuckets during such suspension, in order to reinstate their privileges at the end of the suspension period.


Third Offense. A third offense will result in a permanent ban from the Site.



Last Updated: June 21, 2018