Let's go
under the hood.

Dealers are looking for serious buyers and buyers are looking for serious deals.
Here’s how CarBuckets works for both sides.
Car with the hood open.

Why does it work?

It all starts with a pledge.

Starts with a pledge

Dealers sign a pledge.

Dealers join the CarBuckets network and sign
our Dealer Code of Conduct, ensuring a relationship built on trust.

Bidding image

Car buyers take a pledge.

You promise to test drive at the winning dealer with no obligation to buy. Failure to show up means a $50 no-show fee.

It ends with
a great price.

Ends with a great price

Dealers compete with one another to offer CarBuckets users the Lowest Group Price, knowing that our users are serious car buyers committed to taking a test drive at the dealership that gave them the biggest group discount. The end result is a great price that will be honored
regardless of who from the bucket purchases a vehicle.

Join a CarBucket!

Let's go over your part.

Select your car

Select your car.

Select your Make, Model, and two color options. Then, select from available cash rebates.

Tell us how to reach you. We will give you updates on the progress of your CarBucket. Don't worry, we don't share or sell your information.

Test drive

Take a Test Drive.

Once the lowest group price is in, head over to the winning dealership for a quick and easy test drive. No CarBuckets appointment will take longer than 60 minutes. Remember, there's no obligation to buy a car - just to test drive it. Failure to complete the test drive results in a $50 no-show fee.

Don't like the vehicle? Walk away, no hard feelings.

If you do like it, then purchase the vehicle at the pre-disclosed CarBuckets final price. Enjoy the open road!

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Tell us how it went.

Whether you bought a new car or walked away, we ask all users to please submit a survey. This helps us ensure CarBuckets dealers are abiding by our Code of Conduct.

It also lets us figure out how we can continue to improve our product.

Ready to go?

What else can we say? Drop us a line or visit our FAQs. Car buying should be fun, help us make it happen.