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100% Online Sales Made Simple!

CarBuckets’ 100% digital retail solution is your dealership’s answer to rapidly evolving customer preferences.  We bring you qualified buyers with a deposit and an online credit application ready to be processed.

Sell your new and used car inventory to our pool of nationwide buyers for 1 low monthly fee!

We bring you deals, not leads.

Stop wasting time and money working potential leads against multiple other dealerships.
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We send you deals not leads
CarBuckets’ streamlined digital retail
platform means your dealership only
sees end-of-the-funnel business.
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No charge per vehicle sold
CarBucket’s simple month-to-month
flat fee means that the more you
sell, the higher your profits.
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Software built by dealers, for dealers
Our CEO comes from a 4th generation dealership family, so the software was built in mind with how a dealer makes profit.
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Nationwide buyers
CarBuckets gives you instant access to nationwide buyers outside your PMA that you wouldn’t normally target.
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Simple home delivery
CarBuckets takes care of delivering the vehicles you sell to buyers anywhere in the nation.
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Easy to setup & use
You’re up and running within a day. Nothing to maintain. Just set it and watch the deals roll in.



Buyer selects the vehicle they want and sends it out to bid. You win the bid by coming in at the lowest price.

Choose your car on computer
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Buyers pay a deposit and commit to purchasing your new or used vehicle at

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We send you all the information you need to close the deal today.

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You sell the vehicle,
we take care of the rest.

Alexandre Esteve CEO of CarBuckets

By Dealers, For Dealers

CEO Alex Esteve and the Esteve Family

As a 4th generation dealer, I was taught that the best transactions are those which are honest, simple, and put the customer first.

While some things remain the same, more customers are buying cars without stepping foot in dealerships than ever before. And with increased competition from used car lots selling their inventory 100% online, franchised dealers are in need of their own online car sales solution, but one which fits their existing in-store processes and systems. Enter CarBuckets.

CarBuckets’ easy-to-use platform instantly empowers franchised dealers to sell their new and used inventory 100% online to buyers across the country. And because it was built with dealers in mind, CarBuckets integrates seamlessly as their digital sales solution.

As dealers, my family and I know how hard you have to work every single day and what it takes to stay competitive. That’s why I believe CarBuckets is your best choice for an online car sales partner - because it’s made by dealers, for dealers.