About Us

CarBuckets came to life in 2018 with the goal of simplifying the way people buy cars. Our founder, Alexandra Esteve, had the idea to bring the savings, power, and ease of group buying to car shopping while working on her MBA in 2010. This concept eventually evolved into CarBuckets' unique model before you today. By grouping car shoppers, we're able to incentivize dealerships to cut prices, with the goal of getting our customers the lowest price possible without the hassle of negotiating. We are the anixiety-free way to buy your new car.

Meet the CarBucketeers

We all wear a lot of hats in our eternal mission to bring you the best prices and easiest experience buying your next car.

Claudia Pou

Chief Operating Officer

Checks + Balances
Content Czar
In-House Car Buyer
CarBuckets' firsthire
Head of HR

Alex Esteve

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Chief Delegator + Job Creator
4th Generation Car Salesperson
CarBuckets' Excel Wizard
Closet Coder
Biggie's Mom

Chase Vecchio

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Nerd by Day, Batman by Night
Code Wizard
Director of Cords + Cables
Chi Flow Master
Designated Printer Person

Josh Echeverri

UI Engineer

CSS Legend
(Future) Miami Mayor
Dog Whisperer
Forever Logged In
.fear {
display: none;

Judy Farcas Serra

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Know-It-All
On-Call 24/7
Director of Paranoia
Team Protector
In Case of Emergency: Call Judy

Anne Meyers

Chief Legal Counsel

Flower Child
Reasonably Unreasonable
Stationary Queen
Fine Print Reader

Biggie & Rocco

Co-Chief Barking Officers

Office Managers
Guidance Counselors
Emotional Support Animals
Chief Twirlers
Ladies Men