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We have different backgrounds, different experiences and different roles, but we have one common mission: to bring you the most enjoyable car-buying experience available.

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Headshot photo of CEO, Alex.
Alex Esteve
Founder | Chief Executive Officer
Headshot photo of COO, Claudia.
Claudia Pou
Chief Operating Officer
Headshot photo of CFO, Judy.
Judy Farcas Serra
Chief Financial Officer
Headshot photo of CTO, Chase.
Chase Vecchio
Chief Technology Officer
Headshot photo of Engineer, Josh.
Josh Echeverri
Headshot photo of Engineer, Chris.
Chris Scott
Headshot photo of Sales Director, Tania.
Tania Gonzalez
Sales Director
Headshot photo of 2 Dogs, the Chief Barking Officers, Biggie and Rocco.
Chief Barking Officer
Headshot photo of 2 Dogs, the Chief Barking Officers, Biggie and Rocco.
Chief Morale Officer

What We're Doing

We're removing the anxiety and confusion that comes with buying a new car.

The Problem

  • You spend too much time researching your new car and the price changes.
  • Seemingly endless calls and emails from dealers you've never met!
  • When you get to the dealership they change the price on you with extra add-ons and features.

Our Solution

  • Save your hard-earned money and valuable time when you use our patent-pending technology: Group Buying for Cars.
  • Quick and reliable 2 minute process to sign-up and join a CarBucket.
  • You will never get a call or text from dealers on our platform. Get texts from us (only if you want.)

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