How a CarBucket® works

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Join a CarBucket

Choose your new car and join a group of local car buyers interested in the same brand of car as you.

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Dealers bid

Dealers compete by giving their lowest price for each car in the CarBucket. The dealer with the Lowest Group Price wins.

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Take a test drive

Go to the winning dealership to test drive your car with no obligation to buy.

Join a CarBucket

A new car-buying experience

Joining a CarBucket helps you get group discounts for
your new car through a process deeply rooted in transparency.
With CarBuckets, dealers compete for your business.

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Dealer Promise

All CarBuckets certified dealers must abide by our Code of Conduct, which is rooted in complete transparency. Dealers are kicked off our platform for any violation of this agreement.*
*Read our Dealer Code of Conduct.

Car Buyer Pledge

The main reason dealers give CarBuckets users real prices with all fees and add-ons disclosed is because they know our users are real car buyers committed to taking a test drive at the winning dealership.

Test Drive No-Show Fee

CarBuckets is free to use as long as you take a test drive at the dealership that gave you the Lowest Group Price. If you miss your test drive, you'll pay a $50 no-show fee. Please note your credit card is not charged when you join a CarBucket, and all test drive appointments will be 60 minutes or less.**
**Your credit card will not be charged when joining a CarBucket. Learn more.
Join a Carbucket


  • Scale with a lot of car buyers showing max buying power.
  • Group Pricing

    CarBuckets is the only place where car dealers offer competitive bids for groups of car buyers.

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  • Real Prices

    The price you receive on CarBuckets is the price you’ll see at the dealership. No surprises! CarBuckets requires any dealer submitting bids to sign our Code of Conduct.

A man walking while using CarBuckets on his phone to buy a car
Employee working with bucky the robot to get users the lowest group price.

No price negotiations

CarBuckets dealers compete with each other for your business. The days of negotiating with a salesperson for a low price are over.

We Value Privacy & Security

We never share your e-mail or phone number with dealers or third-party sites. CarBuckets adheres to the highest levels of security standards, using best-in-class tools and protocols.

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Learn how CarBuckets can help you save money on your next car

Join a Carbucket
Join a Carbucket

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