Join a Group and Save Big.

Get the Lowest Volume Price on your New Car

How It Works

In just a few simple steps, you can join a CarBucket and get Volume Discounts on your new car!

Step 1

Pick Your Car.

Join local car buyers looking to get into the same brand of car.

Step 2

Dealers Bid.

The dealership with the lowest price for the CarBucket wins.

Step 3

Take a Test Drive.

Head over to the winning dealership to drive your car. Buy, only if you want.

Time Saved

Less Time Wasted on the Car-Buying Process

We know your time is valuable, which is why we created a platform that saves you time – while still getting the best deal for the car you want. When you go through the CarBuckets process, you won’t have to field countless calls, texts or emails from dealers. We never share your information. Our Certified CarBuckets Dealers have also pledged to get each CarBuckets Buyer in-and-out in under 60 minutes. Want to regain control of your life, but still need a new car? Join a CarBucket now in under two minutes.

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No Price Negotiations

Really, No Negotiations...Ever.

Let CarBuckets negotiate for you. When you go through our patent-pending process, you will never have to embark on the intimidating price negotiation process. We do all the dirty work for you, and let our dealers negotiate for your business. The dealer with the overall lowest price wins your bucket. We’re confident your final price will be better than if you would’ve gone solo.

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Lowest Volume Price

Big Discounts for Group Buyers

Our patent-pending technology ensures that we are the only place that gets you the lowest volume price for your new car. Our technology leverages the power of volume sales, which means dealers can give greater discounts than they normally would when selling to a single buyer. You can rest assured that by the end of our two-round auction system, you’re getting a good deal.

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Price Transparency

Get a Real Out-The-Door Price

Price Transparency is our ultimate promise to you. CarBuckets is the only automotive platform with a price transparency guarantee: We give you your real out-the-door price before taxes, tag and title. When you receive your CarBuckets Final Price, you can expect a detailed breakdown of pricing details. You’ll understand (and appreciate) your final price. Our Certified CarBuckets Dealers have agreed to abide by our Dealer Code of Conduct, which prohibits any form of price bumping.

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